To Smalltown coffee is craft. We source high grade coffee from all over the world, roast it with intention, and place our coffee expertise in your hands.  Our online ordering is easy and training is free when you join our collective. 

All you need is a desire to serve great coffee. 


Coffee tastes have changed a lot over the past decades. At Smalltown we invite our wholesale partners into an updated approach to coffee. We proudly partner with farms using sustainable and organic practices to roast coffees that highlight the unique care of each grower. This gives us a diverse coffee selection with notes from chocolate and wine to caramel and lime.

  • High Quality Green Coffee Sourcing (80+ Q Grade)⁣
  • Grown Using Sustainable and Organic Practices*  ⁣
  • Direct and Fair Trade*
  • Skillfully Roasted
  • Served with Care (that's you!)


To us, coffee and community are synonymous. There truly is nothing like gathering with your people around a great cup of coffee. Because of our passion for building locally we build the Coffee Collective. An initiative to support your community. If you love your community, why compromise? Serve great coffee and invest locally. 

* Relationships and transparency are more important to us than certifications. While some of our coffee carries a fair trade and organic certification, all of our coffee is carefully selected from small family farms using practices that are good for people and the planet. 


We are committed not only to bringing you the best coffee we can find but also the best training.

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