6 Month Anniversary

 Smalltown Coffee Company || Crown Point, IN

Six Months of Smalltown 

An update & a thank-you

On the chilly morning of November 6th, we stood inside the newly finished Smalltown hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. That opening day brought more joy and community than we could’ve imagined, setting the tone for what would be a beautiful and growth-filled six months. It has been a long journey, but our customers and community have made every second worth it. 

Looking back on how far we have come and looking ahead to where we hope to go, we have to take a moment to thank you for what you have brought to Smalltown Coffee Co. Thank you for trekking through the rain and snow to get your daily cup of drip brew. Thank you for trying our quirky menu items and loving them. Thank you for bringing your friends and family through our doors. Thank you for appreciating the coffee we roast. Thank you for choosing to invest in us. 

We’ve also made some incredible memories and reached new milestones over the past six months of being open. 

The overall response to our Honey Cream Cap has been phenomenal. We knew there was something special about the cappuccino with breve micro foam, raw honey and vanilla cream, but we didn’t foresee such an outpouring of love for the now-iconic menu item. Who could resist those cinnamon stripes? 

Our Coffee Club has also been growing rapidly since opening our doors. More people than ever are subscribing to get our house-roasted coffee delivered right to their door. We are so honored to get to share our coffee with you.  

If you haven’t noticed by now, our menu is a classic array of staple coffee beverages. Unless you’re ordering a specialty latte, there aren’t sweeteners or flavors added. While at first this confounded a few of our guests, we now see customers regularly venturing into those classic beverages. Thanks for your adventurous spirit and willingness to enjoy the coffee-forward menu items. 

Finally, we have been blown away by our unmatched staff. Our baristas, bakers, roasters and everyone in between have made this season awesome. With the growth, our staff has taken each new task in stride while always maintaining a positive attitude. It is truly a joy to see them put diligence and effort into making drinks and training new people. 

Again, thanks to everyone for making these past few months so fulfilling. We are eager to see what the future holds for Smalltown Coffee Co. Cheers!