Coffee is craft.

Email us to set up a coffee cupping, and discover what makes ours different. 


Smalltown Coffee Co. is a roastery in Northwest Indiana owned by good friends Annette McKeown and Elizabeth Steel. Their roastery is built on the values of community, transparency, and quality with a vision to create a community gathering place.

Coffee isn’t just a commodity. It’s a craft. From beginning to end, it’s excellence depends on the willingness of hard working men and women choosing to do things the right way. Usually the hard way. Those are the kind of people we are, and the kind of people we partner with.

We focus on small batch roasting that’s intensely personal and principled. We champion a commitment to the small town makers and doers. We invest in communities of craftsmen, growers, farmers and artisans. Smalltown offers fresh, quality coffee beans while valuing the people connected to us.